Schoenstatt Fathers are involved in many schools all over the world. Some of them are run directly under the responsibility of our Institute, others are directed by differents persons or groups who take their inspiration from the pedagogy of Fr Joseph Kentenich, and ask for the collaboration of Schoenstatt Fathers regarding the pastoral work or the pedagogical counselling.

The following links take you to some of these schools:

Centro Pedagógico José Kentenich, Argentina
Instituto María de Nazareth, Argentina
Colegio Monte Tabor , Chile
Mary Matha Schoenstatt Academy, India
Colégio de Santa Maria, Portugal
Colegio Monte Tabor, Spain

The schools in Chile have established an official network called “Fundación Pentecostés – Red de Colegios Kentenijianos”, which includes schools in Ecuador, Spain and Portugal. More information about this network:

> Fundación Pentecostés

If you are interested in finding other schools which apply the pedagogy of Fr Kentenich, please look here:

> Kentenich Schools