The fifth General Chapter on the horizon

JahresmottoEighty seven

Eighty seven is the number of motions that were presented by the regional chapters. Some of them were presented by groups and others, also by individual members of the community. The first preparations for the Chapter, the fifth one in the history of the Schoenstatt Fathers, start with the revision and classification of the motions. Within this revision and classification come the main themes and some of the preparatory commissions for the elaboration of schemes of work for the 41 members of the Chapter. They will be gathered in the general house of the community on Mount Sion (Vallendar, Germany) from the 5th of August.

Self-comprehending and formation

Most of the motions of this General Chapter can be gathered in these two main scopes or fields. Fr. Kentenich said once: “Each community must be founded again after every 50 years.”  Exactly this is the task that is right now in front of us. How will the Schoenstatt Fathers be educated for the Schoenstatt Movement of the future? Which requirement does the huge internationality of the Sion community present for its self-comprehension? Some of the motions in the fields of government, of the free communities and the Schoenstatt Movement can be seen around these questions.

Spiritual preparation

Many prayers for each one of the members of the General Chapter begging for them the gifts of the Holy Spirit have been daily done in our Shrine on Mount Sion for weeks already. The important thing in a General Chapter is to search together God´s will for the future of the community. The common conversations – simultaneously translated into the three official languages of the community: Spanish, English and German – are supposed to be instances of attentive listening, open and sincere discussions so that the community can come to common orientations for all the Schoenstatt fathers around the world.

New General Council

One of the important tasks of the General Chapter is the election of the new General Superior and his Council. They will take the responsibility for the community for the next years and – in the case of the General Superior – he will also be in charge of the presidency of the International General Presidium of the Schoenstatt Movement.





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