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On the topic of formation

At the beginning of the new week P. Raúl Espina gave a report on the formation of the Schoenstatt Fathers. 

DSCF1943 2Formation and Identity

The subject of formation touches issues of identity of our community, of what it means to be a Schoenstatt Father. His reflection contained several subjects. He sees seven key dimensions, for formation: humanity, spiritual life, apostolate, community, relation to the world, leadership and Schoenstatt identity. This is not a list of capacities, which has to be fullfilled by a student or candidate, but an outline that schould note what areas need to mature during the formation period. 

Another topic was about the skills an educator must have. This involves "on the one hand a deep understanding of pedagogy, Father Kentenich's thinking and understanding the top formative elements present today in the universities and institues of consecrated life”.




P1010608 2DSCF1940Challenges and Perspectives

Furthermore there are real personnel and structural issues that need to be discussed and clarified during the Chapter. What is the relationship between national and international formation? What are the priorities for the internal formation like growing in the spirituality and thinking of Fr. Kentenich? How do we react to the declining numbers in some regions? These are the main issues and now the work begins.









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